GRIEVOUS  griev·ous,   (adj)   \ˈgrē-vəs\S

​1. Causing grief or great sadness 2. Very serious or severe 3. Flagrant; outrageous; atrocious 4. Full of or expressing grief; sorrowful 5. Burdensome or oppressive 6. Causing  great   pain,  suffering  or   anguish


We are the Carolina's first rage and anger room. Built around a personal touch, we take your feelings and build on them before letting you smash glass in our breaking room. Over 400 amazing reviews and counting, see why we have the best patrons and why our plate smashing is all the rage from Charlotte and Fort Mill to Winston Salem and Greensboro or beyond. 

While you're here soak up the unique atmosphere, enjoy the original art, have a drink, play a game, take some photos, join a class and hang with friends. 

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