Now, take a deep breath, take this bottle into your hand and...smash the ever-loving crap out of it. Seriously. Grievous is where you come after a bad day, a break up, a long visit with extended family... whatever. Come here and experience what its like to not give a crap about manners & just smash stuff! Feel the release of emotion as you paint the walls of our warehouse with glass. Let us sweep up your feelings and throw them away or take a scoop home & make your glass into something new & amazing.



Grievous is an emotion we can all relate to and that's why we've created the most unique experience you've ever stumbled across. Explore our unique gallery of creations assembled and crafted from re-purposed glass & mirror; built of raw emotion. Part gallery, part therapy, part party. Come inside because you're curious and experience what it's like to let go of all toxic feelings you're bottling deep down inside. Best of all there is no judgement and tons of support to get your through to the next step.



Grievous Gallery is for everyone. A place to take out your frustrations and well, leave it behind. We understand stress, sadness, grief, emptiness, self-loathing, depression, anxiety, PTSD and they are all lifesucking demons that need to be laid to rest. Bring yourself, a friend, a co-worker or a group. Trust us when we say, you will feel amazing afterwards! The release of built up emotion is good for the body and mind. It lowers blood pressure, releases tension and may even make you smile. Like any good old rage room or anger room, we love when you leave us a big mess.