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"That guy with the beads in his beard..."
Yep, that's Tim- Owner and Founder

Whether he's holding space for a complete stranger to cry on his shoulder at Grievous Gallery, giving a few dollars to a homeless person or helping the career of a budding artist; compassion and empathy just radiate from Tim.

It's gotta be the beard, right?!


If you're lucky, you can listen to his stories of being an adrenaline-seeking, Motocross athlete AND a sword-toting knight for Medieval Times AND a talented DJ.


And then... hear about the day that it all stopped with the accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury and the struggles that came with it and how the coping mechanisms he found led to the creation of Grievous Gallery.


Come chat with Tim for just a moment to be inspired and to experience one modality that has helped him so much in his life:


The art of breaking shit.

Visit with Tim, throw some glass, have some fun. You DESERVE a BREAK!
(See what we did there?!)
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