Don't stress about our packages. These are just to give you an idea of what to break. We will help you choose the package/s that are right for you and your group or we can customize one for you. Remember you can share and only need one reservation per group of friends.  


Plus we will match the price on any other online deal you see for us!

Beer Bottle Drawing
Beer Botle Sketch


18 Beer Bottles

Assortment of Wine & Liquor Bottles

Small saucers, mugs or fun stuff

Beer Botle Sketch

LARGE- $75

Four full place settings just like Thanksgiving Dinner...

Dinner plates, saucer, mug, wine glass, wine bottles and more!

Gift Certificate


Stop in for one of our Gift Certificate Bottles for  $25, perfect to throw in a gift bag or purchase an electronic version for any amount HERE! 

SMALL- $25


18 Beer Bottles 

plus a wine or liquor bottle